Upgrade Ops Manager

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Upgrade Path

The version of your existing Ops Manager installation determines your upgrade path. The following table lists upgrade paths per version:

Existing Version Upgrade Path
2.0 or later Ops Manager supports direct upgrades from version 2.0.x. Use this tutorial to upgrade directly to 3.4.0.
1.8 or earlier
  1. Follow the appropriate upgrade path to upgrade your version to 2.0. For the specific upgrade path for your version, refer to v2.0 upgrade documentation.
  2. Once upgraded to 2.0.x, use this tutorial to upgrade to 3.4.0.

There are no supported downgrade paths for Ops Manager.


It is crucial that you back up the existing and gen.key files because the upgrade process will delete existing data.


Upgrade with RPM Package
Upgrade Ops Manager on Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, and Amazon AMI Linux.
Upgrade with DEB Package
Upgrade Ops Manager on Debian and Ubuntu systems.
Upgrade from Archive on Linux
Upgrade Ops Manager on other Linux systems, without using package management.
Upgrade on Windows
Upgrade Ops Manager on Windows systems.