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Change the Version of MongoDB


For MongoDB deployments managed by Ops Manager, Ops Manager supports safe automatic upgrade and downgrade operations between releases of MongoDB while maximizing the availability of your deployment. Ops Manager supports upgrade and downgrade operations for sharded clusters, replica sets, and standalone MongoDB instances.

Configure Available MongoDB Versions describes how to choose which versions of MongoDB are available to Ops Manager.

If your deployment is not managed by Ops Manager, you will need to manually change the version of MongoDB. The MongoDB Manual provides upgrade tutorials with each release. For example, see: Upgrade MongoDB to 3.0 for upgrading to MongoDB 3.0 from an earlier version.


Before changing a deployment’s MongoDB version, consult the following documents for any special considerations or application compatibility issues:

Plan the version change during a predefined maintenance window.

Before applying the change to a production environment, change the MongoDB version on a staging environment that reproduces your production environment. This can help avoid discovering compatibility issues that may result in downtime for your production deployment.

If you downgrade to an earlier version of MongoDB and your MongoDB configuration file includes options that are not part of the earlier MongoDB version, you must perform the downgrade in two phases. First, remove the configuration settings that are specific to the newer MongoDB version, and deploy those changes. Then, update the MongoDB version and deploy that change.

For example, if you are running MongoDB version 3.0 with the engine option set to mmapv1, and you wish to downgrade to MongoDB 2.6, you must first remove the engine option as MongoDB 2.6 does not include that option.


You may not downgrade a MongoDB deployment from version 3.4 to any version before 3.2.8. As such, Ops Manager will block users from attempting to downgrade from featureCompatibilityVersion=3.4 to featureCompatiblityVersion=3.2.



Click Deployment, then the Processes tab, then the Topology view.


On the line listing the deployment item, click Modify.


In the Version field select the version. Then click Apply.

If the drop-down menu does not include the desired MongoDB version, you must first enable it in the Version Manager.


Click Review & Deploy to review your changes.


Review and approve your changes.

Ops Manager displays your proposed changes.

  1. If you are satisfied, click Confirm & Deploy.
  2. Otherwise, click Cancel and you can make additional changes.