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Provision Servers for Automation


Ops Manager can automate operations for the MongoDB processes running on your servers. Ops Manager can both discover existing processes and deploy new ones.

Ops Manager Automation relies on an Automation Agent, which must be installed on every server that runs a monitored MongoDB deployment. The Automation Agents periodically poll Ops Manager to determine the goal configuration, deploy changes as needed, and report deployment status back to Ops Manager.


Install the Automation on each server that you want Ops Manager to manage. The following procedure applies to all operating systems. For instructions for a specific operating system, see Install MongoDB Agent.

On Linux servers, if you installed MongoDB with a package manager, use the same package manager to install the Automation. If you installed MongoDB without a package manager, use an archive to install the MongoDB Agent.


In Ops Manager, click Deployment, then the Agents tab, then Downloads & Settings.


Under Automation, click your operating system and follow the instructions to install and run the agent.

For more information, see Install MongoDB Agent.

Next Steps

Once you have installed the agent to all your servers, you can deploy your first replica set, cluster, or standalone.