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Deploy a Standalone MongoDB Instance

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You can deploy a standalone MongoDB instance for Ops Manager to manage. Use standalone instances for testing and development. Do not use these deployments for production systems as they lack replication and high availability. For all production deployments use replica sets. To learn about replica sets, see Deploy a Replica Set.

Added in Ops Manager 4.0

You can use Kubernetes to deploy MongoDB instances with Ops Manager version 4.0 or later.

To learn how to deploy a standalone using a Kubernetes object, see Deploy a Standalone in the MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator documentation.


You must provision a server before deploying a standalone MongoDB instance. For testing purposes, you can use your localhost.



Click Deployment, then the Processes tab.


Choose New Standalone.

  1. Click the Add New dropdown menu.
  2. Select New Standalone.

Configure the standalone MongoDB instance.

In the Process Configuration section, complete the following fields.

Name Type the name for your standalone MongoDB deployment.
Version Select the MongoDB version for your standalone MongoDB deployment.
Auth Schema Version Select the schema for storing the user data for your deployment. MongoDB 3.0 uses a different schema for user data than previous versions. For compatibility information, see the Security Changes in the MongoDB 3.0 release notes.
Feature Compatibility (Optional) Select the feature compatibility set. This field appears if your deployment MongoDB version is 3.4 or later.
Hostname Type the resolvable address for the host serving your MongoDB deployment. This can be a hostname, an FQDN, an IPv4 address, or an IPv6 address.
Port Type the IANA port number for your MongoDB deployment. The default for MongoDB deployments is 27017.
DB Directory Path Type the system path to the database directory for this deployment. The default is /data/myProcess.
Log File Path Type the system path to the log file setting for this deployment. The default is /data/myProcess/mongodb.log.

Set any Advanced Configuration options for the standalone MongoDB instance.

In the Advanced Configuration Options section, add any additional runtime options you want to set for your MongoDB deployment.

To add an option:

  1. Click Add Option.
  2. Select a Startup Option.
  3. Set an acceptable value for that Startup Option.

For descriptions of Advanced Configuration Options, see Advanced Options for MongoDB Deployments.


Click Apply.


Click Review & Deploy to review your changes.


Click Confirm & Deploy to deploy your changes.

Otherwise, click Cancel and you can make additional changes.