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Backup Encryption Keys

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This endpoint works with backups of MongoDB databases running FCV 4.0 or earlier. Backups of MongoDB databases running FCV 4.2 or later

MongoDB Enterprise enables administrators to encrypt backups. Administrators must integrate with a KMIP server to generate and manage a master key used to encrypt the head databases during a backup operation. MongoDB recommends periodically rotating the KMIP master key for increased security.

Base URL: https://{OPSMANAGER-HOST}:{PORT}/api/public/v1.0


The following endpoints are available for encryptionKeys.

Method Endpoint Description
GET /groups/{PROJECT-ID}/backupConfigs/CLUSTER-ID/encryptionKey Retrieve the KMIP Master Key ID
PUT /groups/{PROJECT-ID}/backupConfigs/CLUSTER-ID/encryptionKey Rotate the KMIP Master Key