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Performance Advisor

Use the following resources to retrieve existing and suggested indexes for a deployment, as well as the namespaces on which slow queries were run and the queries that were slow. For more information, see Performance Advisor.

To view field values in a sample query in the Performance Advisor, you must be a user with at least one of the following project roles:

Users without one of these roles see redacted data rather than the field values.

For more information about slow queries, see Performance Advisor.


Groups and projects are synonymous terms. Your {PROJECT-ID} is the same as your project id. For existing groups, your group/project id remains the same. This page uses the more familiar term group when referring to descriptions. The endpoint remains as stated in the document.

Base URL: https://{OPSMANAGER-HOST}:{PORT}/api/public/v1.0

Method Endpoint Description
GET /groups/{PROJECT-ID}/hosts/{HOST-ID}/performanceAdvisor/namespaces Retrieves the namespaces for all collections or specified collections experiencing slow queries on a specified host.
GET /groups/{PROJECT-ID}/hosts/{HOST-ID}/performanceAdvisor/slowQueryLogs Get slow queries as determined by the Performance Advisor.
GET /groups/{PROJECT-ID}/hosts/{HOST-ID}/performanceAdvisor/suggestedIndexes Get suggested indexes as determined by the Performance Advisor.