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Backup Configurations


Groups and projects are synonymous terms. Your {PROJECT-ID} is the same as your project id. For existing groups, your group/project id remains the same. This page uses the more familiar term group when referring to descriptions. The endpoint remains as stated in the document.


A backup configuration determines the settings used to back up a sharded cluster or replica set. The backupConfigs resource lets you view and update backup configurations. In certain cases, you can also create backup configurations, as described in Update One Backup Configuration. The backupConfigs resource supports only the GET and PATCH methods.

To update or create a backup configuration, you must issue the request from an IP address on your user account’s whitelist. The backupConfigs resource accepts PATCH requests only from whitelisted IP addresses.

Base URL: https://{OPSMANAGER-HOST}:{PORT}/api/public/v1.0


The following lists the endpoints available for Backup Configuration.

Method Endpoint Description
GET /groups/{PROJECT-ID}/backupConfigs Get all backup configurations for a project.
GET /groups/{PROJECT-ID}/backupConfigs/{CLUSTER-ID} Get a single backup configuration by cluster ID.
PATCH /groups/{PROJECT-ID}/backupConfigs/{CLUSTER-ID} Update a backup configuration.