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Move Jobs from a Lost Backup Service to another Backup Service

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If the server running a Backup Daemon fails, and if you run multiple Backup Daemons, then an administrator with the global owner or global backup admin role can move all the daemon’s jobs to another Backup Daemon. The new daemon takes over the responsibility to back up the associated shards and replica sets.

When you move jobs, the destination daemon reconstructs the data using a snapshot and the oplog from the Backup Blockstore database. Reconstruction of data takes time, depending on the size of the databases on the source.

During the time it takes to reconstruct the data and reassign the backups to the new Backup Daemon:

  • Ops Manager Backup does not take new snapshots of the jobs that are moving until the move is complete. Jobs that are not moving are not affected.
  • Ops Manager Backup does save incoming oplog data. Once the jobs are on the new Backup Daemon’s server, Ops Manager Backup takes the missed snapshots at the regular snapshot intervals.
  • Restores of previous snapshots are still available.
  • Ops Manager can produce restore artifacts using existing snapshots with point-in-time recovery for replica sets or checkpoints for sharded clusters.


With administrative privileges, you can move jobs between Backup daemons using the following procedure:


Select Backup and then select Daemons.

The Daemons page lists all active Backup Daemons.


Move the jobs to the new daemon.

Select the destination daemon and click the Move all heads button.