Download Diagnostic Archives


Don’t add passwords or secrets to JVM arguments in the mms.conf file. Ops Manager exposes them as plain text in the diagnostic archives.

MongoDB engineers may request that Ops Manager administrators provide diagnostic archives for one or all projects for debugging and troubleshooting. Project diagnostic archives also contain global system information about Ops Manager. Use the following procedures to locate and download these archives when requested.


To access this feature, you must either:

Download the Diagnostic Archive for a Project


Download the compressed archive of diagnostic data.

In the Actions column for a project, click the ellipsis button (...). Depending on which download format you want, click Download TAR Diagnostic Archive or Download ZIP Diagnostic Archive.

The archive downloads to your local host.

Download the Diagnostic Archive for All Projects


Choose the archive file format to download.

Click .tar or .zip under Diagnostic Archive on the System Overview page.