Manage Deployments

View All Clusters
View all deployments to which the user has access.
Edit a Deployment’s Configuration
Edit the configuration of a MongoDB deployment.
Manage BI Connector in Ops Manager
Modify or shut down a BI Connector instance.
Manage Indexes
Create or remove indexes for your databases.
Calculate Suggested Indexes
Retrieve suggested indexes for improving query performance.
Edit a Replica Set
Add hosts to, remove hosts from, or modify the configuration of hosts in a managed replica set.
Convert a Standalone to a Replica Set
Convert a standalone MongoDB process to a one-member replica set.
Convert a Replica Set to a Sharded Cluster
Convert a MongoDB replica set to sharded cluster.
Migrate a Replica Set Member
Migrate replica sets to new underlying systems by adding members to the set and decommissioning existing members.
Convert Config Servers to a Replica Set
Convert the config servers to run as a replica set.
Manage Sharded Collections
Import, create, configure and manage data distribution for sharded clusters.
Stop Managing and/or Monitoring One Deployment
Disable automation for a deployment.
MongoDB Processes
Start, stop, shut down, and remove MongoDB processes monitored by Ops Manager.
Move or Add an Agent
Migrate a backup and monitoring agents to different servers.
MongoDB Versions
Configure available MongoDB versions, and upgrade or downgrade a deployment’s version.
Host Mappings
Review and edit mappings between MongoDB hostnames and aliases.