Create or Import a MongoDB Deployment

Getting Started
Set up your first MongoDB deployment.
Deployment Prerequisites
System and Network requirements for Ops Manager and its Agents.
Install MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator
Install a Kubernetes Operator to help manage MongoDB deployments.
Provision Servers
Provision servers for MongoDB deployments.
Add Existing MongoDB Processes to Ops Manager
Add existing MongoDB deployment to Ops Manager.
Add Monitored Processes to Automation
Add a monitored MongoDB deployment to be managed through Ops Manager Automation.
Deploy a Replica Set
Use Ops Manager to deploy a managed replica set.
Deploy a Sharded Cluster
Use Ops Manager to deploy a managed sharded cluster.
Deploy a Standalone
For testing and deployment, create a new standalone MongoDB instance.
Deploy a BI Connector
Use Ops Manager to deploy a service to translate SQL queries to MongoDB aggregation pipelines.
Connect to a MongoDB Process
Connect to a MongoDB deployment managed by Ops Manager.
Data Explorer
View collection and index information for your MongoDB deployments.