MongoDB Enterprise Operator Changelog

MongoDB Enterprise Operator 0.3

Released 2018-08-07

  • The Operator no longer creates the CustomResourceDefinition objects. The user needs to create them manually. Download and apply this new yaml file (crd.yaml) to create/configure these objects.

  • ClusterRoles are no longer required. How the Operator watches resources has changed. Until the last release, the Operator would watch for any resource on any namespace. With 0.3, the Operator watches for resources in the same namespace in which it was created. To support multiple namespaces, multiple Operators can be installed. This allows isolation of MongoDB deployments.

  • Permissions changes were made to how PersistentVolumes are mounted.

  • Added configuration to Operator to not create SecurityContexts for pods. This solves an issue with OpenShift which does not allow this setting when SecurityContextContraints are used.

    If you are using Helm, set managedSecurityContext to true. This tells the Operator to not create SecurityContext for pods, satisfying the OpenShift requirement.

  • The combination of projectName and orgId replaces projectId alone to configure the connection to Ops Manager. The project is created if it doesn’t exist.

MongoDB Enterprise Operator 0.2

Released 2018-08-03

  • Calculates WiredTiger memory cache.

MongoDB Enterprise Operator 0.1

Released 2018-06-27

Initial Release

  • Can deploy standalone instances, replica sets, sharded clusters using Kubernetes configuration files.